Moments With e: Collection Closeup

e walks through the line details of the Autumn Winter 2014 collection that is proudly designed and handcrafted less than seven miles from her Maryland home, in Washington DC.


The silk-like, leather-look fabric was chosen for it's fluidity and versatility, resulting in the basic black top we all need, and the subtle edge we all crave.


Adding extra long side seam vents to the boxy silhouette of our basic tops was key to creating a silhouette that flatters virtually any shape.


Exposed hardware is here to stay. The Asymmetrical Zipper Skirts are a modern take on the classic pencil skirt, and the exposed brass zipper is it's bold counterpart.


The Crop Top, now a favorite in two seasons, features dome inspired structured shoulders. Architectural details are always incorporated in to the design process.


The Moto Lounge Sweater is equal parts motorcycle jacket, smoking jacket, and cold weather sweater. We blended a structured silhouette with a fleece blend fabric to create a flexible and luxuriously soft, light-weight overcoat.


A sharp, deep v neckline on the Graphic Floral Print maxi dress is a strong compliment to the otherwise fluid and romantic fabrication.


Our Asymmetrical Zipper Skirts start from the waist and zips down, slightly kilt inspired. The concept is also an unexpected surprise when things start to get hot and heavy.


I enjoy nothing more than editing traditional and transitional wardrobe staples to something updated and maybe even a bit tongue-in-cheek. The baseball tee gets elevated with prominent prints & leather look sleeves.

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